Old-vs.-New tech finished home cabeling           We at Lairds of Troon aim to provide you with a home technology system that not only you can enjoy, but that you can keep enjoying for years to come. Our company prides itself on high quality, great skills and superb knowledge not only to keep ourselves right but to also give every client we have the full support and confidence in what we do. At Lairds of Troon we are very person centred and offer the best control systems to suit your home.

Think back to the 60s, even up to the 90s at how vast an expansion that technology and computers have become. We have gone from black and white Tv’s to vibrant colourful 3D HD 80” Tv’s . Technology has only started to advance over the past 30 years. Home cinema systems were for a great deal only available to those of wealth. Looking at the systems that were built over 20 years ago, compared to the home systems that we install now, it is clear that technology is forever advancing. Take the internet for example, I’m thinking back to the days where you had to think hard about where you wanted your computer to go because it had to be connected to internet via cables rather than wireless., not to mention the size of computers back in the 90s and how much room it took up.

Mobile phones are another example: gone are the days of the old brick phone, yes you know what one I mean, the reliable Nokia with its 10p a text message. Now even our children are walking around with a Samsung or iPhone with a contract of unlimited texts.

Society has changed greatly and that is why we believe that security should be a priority for families in terms of network security and cameras etc.  Looking back the only place we could go to see a 3D movie was at the cinema, now you can watch 3D in the comfort of your Livingroom. In a sense the social culture has changed to a more techno culture where society deems it the “norm” to sit at the dinner table and use their phones, children are spending more and more time inside on their Xboxes, ps4’s etc rather than going out and playing with their friends.


People are investing more into their homes and seeking out security to protect themselves and their assets, whether it be CCTV or better locks, people are interested in technology and want to spend money on their domestic environment such as their heating and lighting, air conditioning and sound systems.


We at Lairds of Troon look at what space you have, what budget you want to spend on your home automation. Many of our previous and existing clients look for minimal, clutter less systems whether it be heating, lighting and sound systems. Not all home integration has to be expensive and that’s where we step in with ideas and realistic options and affordable prices.

We offer music in every room at the control of a touchpad / mobile device and it can all be hidden using flat built in speakers. Gone are the boom box days and having cd players in every room, now it’s as simple as downloading an app and playing them straight from your mobile via wireless, different song for every room.

For a home cinema, your looking at about 7 speakers and a subwoofer (for those low bass special effects), most home cinema equipment can be built in to leave a clear fresh clutter less space.

As for lighting you can adjust the lighting and pre-set when you want them to go off and off to give the illusion you are home when you are away on holiday etc.