Over 3 days, 150 thousand people the CES show brings the latest, newest technology and trends to the forefront of public consciousness.

From the totally bizarre to the next amazing screen you ‘will’ have in your living room.

Some of the main event spaces are dedicated to Health, Fitness and Digital Health care, a growing concern with the ageing population.

The latest innovations for Cars, Social media gadgets, photography,

200 new businesses with their game changing tech startups.

Wearable technologies are going to be a Huge influence on the consumer market this year.

The Internet of Everything is going to bring a new era in technology interaction in your home and work. Customization is key, with sensors you will be able to redefine the way you live at home.

Make technology work for you, give the technophobe the reason they want to make use of those gadgets they have avoided for so long.

‘i’ Devices and applications that will give you a level of comfort with your mobile device never known before.

Another focus is ‘High Resolution Audio’. Remember MP3? well this is a file format that was created to allow music to be transmitted over the internet via slow dialup connections, and to allow players to contain a number of tracks when storage was at a premium.

In 2014 and the average space on a harddrive that you could put your music collection of MP3’s on a hundred thousand times over, blistering broadband speeds there is no real reason to keep this ancient and defunct file format.

So keep your eye out folks for the MP3 players are goin byebye!

The ‘in’ format is lossless and other similar, why settle for anything less that perfect audio, the way it was meant to be.

It’s all about Life Style.

Its going to be a fantastic year! Lairds of Troon will help you through the jungle of gadgets, just call!