Replacing a house full of switches and dials with a single remote seems a desirable proposition, but less-than-intuitive setup processes and fees that run far into the thousands make a disconnected home the only option for some. However if you’re looking to adjust audio and video in a single room, the new Control 4 Starter Kit should get you going, the kit includes a HC-250 Controller, which delivers IR control for up to eight components (via splitters connected to the four IR ports on the rear), serial control for up to two receivers or other systems and IP control for an unlimited number of devices. There’s also an SR-250 ZigBee remote in the box, which offers full control through a television interface (HDMI and component outputs can be found on the HC-250’s rear). You can also have full access through a variety of add-ons, including a 7-inch in-wall touchscreen with camera, a portable version, or any Android, iOS or Mac device — access licenses for smartphones, tablets and computers are also available to cover the entire home.
The Starter Kit can enable control of a single room, which may be fine for some users — to add additional home theater setups you can bring on more HC-250s. There’s also an option to add ZigBee lighting controls, ZigBee door locks or a door intercom unit with camera. All-in, outfitting a large home can be quite pricey, and the Starter Kit is designed to get you started, rather than to deliver a complete solution.
Using the controller with a TV, audio system, a pair of lights on two zones, the door intercom and a deadbolt, and all performed seamlessly without an hiccups. The intuitive drag-and-drop PC-based interface, which owners can use to change macros and add media is very simple to use. Introducing new components to the rig will require a service call (or we can remote access, if you’re just trying to loop in something like a NAS to serve up content). The Control4 Starter Kit is available Lairds of Troon now. Call us for our all inclusive system starter price. If you’re just looking to get your feet wet, this is a solid solution.

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