Control4’s new entertainment automation system is a smart-home bonanza!


Ccontrol4-ea-series-ports.jpgontrol4  newest offering promises to smarten up your home’s entertainment capabilities. The new Control4 Entertainment and Automation Series line of connected home controllers will range from a single-room setup to a unit powerful enough to smarten up a large home.

The EA Series acts like a hub for your home entertainment. The system is compatible with over 9,500 connected home products — including entertainment devices ranging from Blu-ray players and gaming consoles to cable boxes and streaming gadgets such as Roku or Apple TV.

Control all your services and devices along with your smart home gadgetry using a single remote and a single app. Set your lights to dim automatically when you start watching a movie, then dim back up when you press pause or stop.

Each unit features native support for a number of streaming services, including Pandora, TuneIn and Napster. Stream music from your phone, tablet or external hard drive, including support for high-fidelity, lossless formats such as FLAC.

Control4 ‘s newest technology in the higher spec models, “Shairbridge,” uses Apple’s Airplay feature to stream music from any iOS device throughout customized zones in the home. You’ll be able to use AirPlay as you normally would, and stream your music to multiple rooms at once.

control4-ea-series-box-and-remoteThat base model is called the EA-1. Next in the series is the EA-3, which supports three audio streams and Finally,  the EA-5 which can provide five audio streams at once.

Lairds of Troon are authorised Control4 dealer, installers.

If your looking to juice up your home entertainment capabilities, and tie your entertainment into the rest of your smart home, we can give you the ultimate technology with the simplicity  you crave!