digital_menu_product_package_templates1Restaurant menus have not undergone many changes in the last few decades. Generally, customers are still given a laminated sheet of paper containing a list of items, basic descriptions and prices. Sometimes those menus will even include color photos.

But now that digital signage is increasing in popularity, restaurant owners are beginning to see potential uses for video walls as menus. This is especially true in smaller establishments that specialize in quick service, such as coffee shops.

At Lairds of Troon we would like to introduce you to  Smart Menu Board, which is designed as a simple, low cost way for restaurants to go digital. The sign is a full HD display that can be updated with a simple iPhone or iPad app. Since the sign’s content can be developed with HTML5, it should be easy for individual restaurants to customize its look.

Digital menu boards allow establishments to provide customers with a really stunning, professional image at the point when they are ordering their meal. They can also be readily updated with daily specials, new pricing and to comply with new food labeling regulations as they emerge.

A number of local businesses have recently began to use digital menus, they wanted to modernize their restaurants without compromising the establishment’s  feel.

Restaurant owners who want to adopt video distribution systems may find that the technology is becoming increasingly affordable, widespread and easy to use.

Package includes:

Commercial-grade 42” or 47” Full HD display & BrightSign XD media player

Simply select a display size and the model of your choice for a complete menu board solution that is highly affordable and simple to deploy. Editing application for your ipad is included in the package as arecontent templates.