Solutions are available for every income level and lifestyle. Simply choose the automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire that will fit within your budget.

Our systems may be installed in new or existing structures and may be accessed and controlled over the telephone or over the Internet. Use your iPad, Kindle Fire, or other portable device to check surveillance cameras, adjust lights or temperatures, or turn the TV channel.


Stand-Alone Solutions:

Don’t require a home automation system with a built-in security system? We provide stand-alone energy management solutions to save money on the biggest energy consuming devices in the home including HVAC, water heating, lighting, and more. Additionally, Lairds of Troon offers stand-alone entertainment solutions. Use your iPhone to adjust the TV volume, change CD’s, etc.


The Complete Package:

Lairds of Troon offers a wide array of products in the categories of access control, video surveillance, wireless security, temperature and lighting control, VoIP Intercom, distributed audio, wireless iPod Docks, home theater controls, and convenient interfaces including Touchscreens and apps. A The systems are modular, meaning you can add pieces and parts whenever you’d like!