Advantages of a home cinema

Nearly everyone enjoys watching a good movie from time to time. A trip to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster on the big screen creates a special experience for the family and friends to enjoy together

Fortunately technology has become more affordable allowing for dedicated cinemas to become part of the home whether this is a purpose built outhouse or an unused room or incorporated into an existing living space such as living room.

There is much more to a home cinema system than giving a few family members a place to watch movies. As far as entertainment goes, this type of setup comes with tons of wonderful possibilities. The following are just a few of them.

The Picture

A proper home cinema system is nothing without a great picture. There are high-definition TV sets available in a range of sizes, from small 13-inch sets to 64- inch set and even bigger. There are also 3d HDTV’s available for when viewers want their movies to really come alive. For an even larger, more cinema-like viewing experience, there are projectors that offer the same high resolutions as HDTVs. These projectors can be positioned at the back of the room to create viewing areas large enough to cover an entire wall. Home projectors are the ideal choice for mimicking the Cinema going experience.

The Sound

Another reason people like to experience their movies in a cinema is because of the booming sound system that surrounds the entire audience. Cinema sound systems work wonders for immersing the audience in the film. Thanks to the high-quality surround sound systems currently available, viewers can now experience this same level of immersion at home. Even better, the amazing sound quality can be heard without the interruptions from fellow cinema goers.

The Gadgets

A home cinema system consists of a whole lot more than a screen and speakers. PCs, video game systems, satellite systems, DVRs, audio systems/surround sound, and a number of other high-end devices on the market can be added to any home cinema system, allowing home owners to enjoy all of those devices the same way they do their favourite movies. Blu-ray players allow viewers to watch their favourite movies in the highest resolution available on a disc. Xbox one and PlayStation 4 allow users to play the latest high-definition video games, surf the Internet, and even watch Netflix, Hulu, and several other TV viewing services, all from a single console. Sky TV, Virgin Media, and other satellite and cable services offer a large variety of HD channels, making these services perfect additions to any home cinema system.

Watching Movies

The ability to choose and old favourite or keeping the kids entertained whatever the weather in the comfort of your own home is invaluable. Relax in your favourite chair or gather round with the family in dedicated cinema style chairs or a big comfy sofa you choose. No restrictions on food or drink so you are able to unwind with a nice glass of your favourite tipple or hot beverage in the comfort of your own home, no queues, overpriced snacks or cramped space to contend with the movie experience becomes personal and more enjoyable.

Watching the Game

Ask anyone who has been to a live game and compare this to watching at home they will tell you of the immediate difference, with a home cinema you can bring the game home, High definition TVs/Projectors and surround sound system give you the experience of watching your favourite game in your own VIP lounge, don’t take our word for it, view our client testimonials instead.

Playing the Game

Get involved with your video games and have a major role in Fifa, Marios party and Grand Turismo to name but a few, you are in control and the environment of your own home cinema adds to the realism of the game itself. Addicts beware…

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