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Dedicated Cinema Room
Home cinema room installation package
These Home Cinema room installation packages are intended for home cinema enthusiasts who are able to dedicate a room for the purpose of viewing and listening. Includes intuitive control of whole system & lighting equipment cabinet included and matched to your desired style and finish. The control system programming is customised to include any existing source equipment. Many other aspects are varied according to your requirements.
The dedicated cinema room installation packages are professionally installed into your cinema room. The fact that they are packages which we have already designed and programmed, enables us to deliver more for your budget. We provide unlimited consultation to plan the room layout, screen size etc prior to ordering and installation. This consultation can start as soon as you pick up the phone to discuss your project with us.

Various display options are included, ranging from mid range 1080P (Full HD) projector based systems with motorised screens right through to high end 4K projector based systems with fixed frame screens.
These dedicated Cinema room installations will wow your friends when they visit for the full movie night experience, 3D gaming, or to become fully immersed in that huge sporting event. The exact screen size, the style and finish of the optional equipment cabinet, choice of speakers and many other features are tailored to suit your cinema room and your preference.
For our dedicated cinema room installation packages we have selected award winning D-ILA / SXRD and 3LCD home cinema projectors which deliver the highest contrast ratios and the most vibrant detailed pictures. Different packages include projectors at different price points, but the projectors are all top performers within their respective classes and we don’t use any single chip DLP projectors.
Every aspect of your viewing and listening experience and room lighting can be controlled seamlessly from optional hand held remote controls or from apple/ android devices and you won’t need any other remote controls.
The Dedicated Cinema room installation packages feature various levels of surround sound ranging from 5.1 with small unobtrusive speakers , to 11.1 with Dolby Atmos speaker configurations which make use of the regular surround sound speaker positions plus height channels played through in Ceiling speakers.
If required the ability to deliver high quality stereo sound to other areas in your home, can be added easily.

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