Home Cinema Design Considerations

Home Cinema Design Considerations

As with any renovation  or build work there are a number of things to take into consideration.

Sound travels: will the room have to be acoustically treated. Do you want everyone else in the building to enjoy the movie as much as you? Together with experienced trades men we can create a room within a room that will ensure that the movie is kept within the room.

Decor: for any movie enthusiast its all about immersing yourself in the experience. We can assist you to do this by working with interior designers to give you that bat cave cinema you always dreamed of.

Furniture: Ever been to Universal Studios? Did you ever think you could have those fancy seats that move and buzz with the movie? Well we can do this and more besides.

Multi functional: Is the room a dedicated cinema or do you want the magic to disappear when you don’t need it? The Australians call them ‘Romper Rooms’ by day its for the kids and by night at the press of a button the magic starts.

To guide you to your ultimate Cinema Experience contact us.



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