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Options for our packages
Our system packages are examples of what we can install for various budgets, however our clients usually have a preference for a particular type of speakers or a particular projection screen. In order to enable us to deliver these very cost effective system packages efficiently, we do need to keep the core equipment and the main elements of the control system programming constant, (otherwise it would become a bespoke design and build project rather than a package based project). However there are many elements which we do usually change according to each client’s preference whilst remaining within the framework of a package based project.
The main items which are changed according to client preference are:
The speaker make and models.
The number and types of lighting circuit to be controlled.
The size and type of projection screen or TV.
The type of mount for the projector or TV.
Whether or not the projection screen case needs to be recessed into the ceiling or boxed in.
Whether the HDMI signal and control signals to the projector or TV need to be sent wirelessly.
The makes and models of client’s own set top boxes and other equipment to be included in the control system programming.
How many rooms are to receive multi room music.
These and various other aspects can be varied according to your preference. We will discuss the project with you and produce a quote for you, based upon the closest package plus or minus any differences according to your requirements.

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