Dedicated Home Cinema Installation

Motion Pictures as it was intended by the Film Studios

Recline in the motorised lounger and relax in your own private Screening Room dedicated to the full drama of true cinema.

A reference grade projection system delivers the highest definition video to a fixed screen perfectly sized for the room and seating positions. Active or Passive 3D, Anamorphic 2.35:1 aspect ratio are all possible for the true videophile. Acoustically transparent screen material enable the front channel studio speakers to be mounted at the optimum height, directly behind the screen, for the most realisitc dialogue reproduction.

Separate amplification and processing delivers generous power to the three directional surround speakers specified to immerse the listener in a full range 360-degree soundstage. High performance and sophisticated system electronics are then tamed for effortless control through a wireless touchscreen controller.

Our  Screening Rooms are the ultimate luxury, we take empty spaces and build fully acoustically treated cinemas. Our service can involve every detail of your personal theater to ensure it is just the way you want it.

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