Outdoor Cinema

Stand alone or out door cinema’s are an elegant way to add more space to your home. Often used as home offices, and sun rooms they are also perfect for home cinemas. The opportunity to soundproof; install equipment in optimum positions; and decorate without constraint is a unique one. Especially without using up valuable living space in the main home. There is also something quite special about taking a stroll to your own purpose built, fully detached, private cinema and with all the comforts and convenience of still being at home.

Outdoor  Home Cinemas can be as elaborate as any dedicated home cinema, just as they can also be more casual, multi-purpose media rooms. From electronic system design and installation, to cinema seating and decor, Lairds of Troon can deliver whatever your imagination has conjured. Working with a number of leaders in  manufacture, with our partners we can truly deliver a turnkey solution, from garden field to Outdoor Home Cinema.

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