The Installation

Creating a Home Cinema Room – The Installation

What makes a Home Cinema Installation Technician the best in the business?
Reputable Digital Technology companies have obtained a consumer electronics certification through professional organizations,like CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association). This guarantees that any home cinema project will be completed with accuracy and precision.
Lairds of Troon will treat your home with great care by wearing protective boot coverings while walking through the home and cleaning up after ourselves on a regular basis to ensure that dust and debris, from the installation is not trailed throughout the home.

Completion of the Home Cinema Project
The installation time for any home cinema is based on the design and overall requirements. On an average,home cinema installation takes about three weeks from start to finish.
The project normally commences with electrical and soundproofing the home cinema room. With the design layouts in hand, helps us avoid any delay the home cinema install. This is what makes the design process such a huge component in the overall project.
Lairds of Troon recognize that a home cinema project is a big deal. There is nothing better than speaking to people who live and breath home cinema and as such we have clients who on appointment, have installations that you can see and experience. We care about our client’s requirements and being as cost effective as possible allows us to get it done once and get it done the right way!

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