Bespoke Audio Visual Solutions Smart Solutions for Smart Homes

Lairds has a proven process from the initial design stage, through to installation, commissioning and more importantly on-going maintenance.

About Us We’re a family firm. Perhaps that’s why the success of every project matters so much to us. On time and on budget is simply what we do. So is the way we solve the challenges that leave others scratching their heads.

VR Simulation Systems

Multi Room Audio and Video Systems

Lairds of Troon are designers and installers of the very best home cinema systems.

Your personalized cinema experience has come home, with the very best in audio and visual technology… and beyond! State-of-the-art visual display technologies are at your fingertips, from the very latest in OLED panels to high-end projection, putting a massive screen anywhere you want it. Envelop your space with connected audio systems featuring incredible immersion through perfectly engineered spaces, customized speaker installations, and amazing Dolby® Atmos surround. Technology is just the beginning when it comes to planning your home cinema. We’ll work with you to design the ultimate space, including custom media walls, high-end seating, and other room-enhancing options.

From living rooms to full cinema custom experience, your perfect cinema can be achieved.

Using M&K Audio and Steinway Lyngdorf Audio systems Lairds of Troon can provide you with the best Audio systems in the world today.

Cue the screen. Enjoy the thrill of the movie cinema from the comfort of your own home. We specialize in well designed luxury cinemas. Our professional team understands all audio and visual options available. Luxurious and relaxing cinema seating. Sound abatement to ensure nothing interferes with your experience.

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