Integrated Control4 HDMI Processor Now Includes 8X16 Audio Matrix

HydraConnect LLC announces release of the second generation of its flagship HDMI processor for Control4 systems, the HSS-2. The HSS-2 increases stereo capability from 8 zones to 16 zones, while retaining all of the leading edge capabilities of the HSS-1. David Schanin, CEO of HydraConnect LLC, says of the new HSS-2, “The HSS-2 expands HydraConnect LLC’s offering to Control4 dealers so they now have a single product to perform all the control and switching capabilities for most mid-range applications. HSS-2’s automatic configuration and setup, remote access, plus its host of unique and patented Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) functions, offers substantial value to dealers.”

The HSS-2 functions as a complete control center for whole house audio and video distribution and control. It features an 8X8 HDMI matrix switch, an 8X16 stereo audio matrix switch, and provides for control of televisions, BluRay players, and A/V Receivers through CEC. The HSS-2 supports all HDMI 1.4a features such as 3D and deep color. Additionally, HSS-2 provides for A/V remix which allows the customer to watch a video channel while listening to a different audio channel. For example, someone could watch a football game on the television while listening to music from a music server. Using HydraConnect’s proprietary FlashConnectTM technology there are no video delays when adding or subtracting display devices. The HSS-2’s On Screen Display (OSD) alerts consumers to the sharing of video and audio sources.

The HSS-2 implements a CEC based display and video source control system. CEC is a control mechanism embedded in a standard HDMI interconnect, designed for a single television and DVD players. Until now, CEC wasn’t available in custom, multi-television installations in one simple and transparent fashion. Using CEC to control televisions eliminates the unsightly IR Flashers as well as all the support equipment required. The HSS-2 is available through authorized HydraConnect dealers and lucky for you we are control 4 certified and qualified dealers of this product.