Lairds of Troon have been shortlisted in the Install AV awards 2017 for their outstanding AV installation at Ayrshire’s Seamill Hydro. The cutting edge Firth Pavilion project brings the latest technology to the wedding and conference industry.

Lairds of Troon embraced the opportunity to work for the last 2 years with the brightest minds in the Scottish Hotel and wedding industry. Our objective was to create the dream! The wedding party’s entire journey throughout their special will be a truly unforgettable experience.

The Hydro has had a reputation for excellence for decades, their attention to detail is unsurpassed. We aimed to maintain and raise their reputation throughout their industry.
Utilizing the very latest AV and control technologies, Lairds of Troon have transformed the entire wedding experience.

Based on an infrastructure of 16km of cabling, the Pavilion incorporates the most up-to-date technology. We worked to strict guidelines with Scotland’s top interior designers to maintain the elegant, classic feel of this fabulous wedding and conference venue.

Features include high-end ‘mood’ lighting, which can be set to match colour themes or occasions, shading, video, and audio and security equipment. Lairds of Troon have created a fully integrated control system, which enables staff to manipulate the space to the wedding party or clients unique requirements.

Top of the range Epson Laser projection, Sony’s brand new Bravia commercial screens, Sonance and MK Audio, RTI Automation bring this event space to life. Every display in the Pavilion can be customized to display any messages or video feed using Wyrestorms Network HD video distribution system.

Strategically placed, unobtrusive microphones have been sunk into the ceiling above the top table so that they don’t get in the way during speeches, more importantly, the wedding photographs are the best they can be with no technology on display! Similarly music speakers have also been concealed within the walls and made to ‘disappear’ without detracting from their performance.

Its not just about the weddings though. Although the Hydro has booked weddings every weekend for the foreseeable future, the Firth has become a formidable contender in the conferencing and events and sector. The two floors and individual rooms can be reconfigured to the exact requirements. Clients have access to zoned audio, BYOD facilities, systems and environmental control and more. The Hydro staff are busy people, we have designed the systems within the building to allow them to do their jobs with more efficiency, less hassle and more reliability.

Mark Laird, CEO of Lairds, explains, “Our brief was to help the client create an individual experience within the complex every time and for every bride and groom, or clients using technology to enhance that.”

Having worked with some of Scotlands top musicians and bands, we considered the main issues that bands have when setting up for events or gigs. The Firth has its own state of the art 22000Watt Logic Systems PA System, 24 channel Allen & Heath Mixing desk, 4 Tops and two Subwoofers, all of which are hidden away from view in the building infrastructure.  With something just as simple as pre-installing the PA System Cables we have cut down the bands setup time by at lease half. Now, the bands arrive, they have identified faceplates to connect their equipment to, and with the help of our premier league audio technician, the PA inputs are already EQ’ed, the band knows that channel has been setup and equalised for the ‘lead guitar or base drum mic’. Bands no longer have to spend hours setting up their own mixing desks or tripping over cables. And they have confidence that the system they are playing through will do their performance justice. So its get the sound check done, and Rock and Roll!

Mean while, the bride and her bridesmaids have spent the night partying, or relaxing in the Hydros  plush Glenashdale suite. This stunning suite, includes bedroom, lounge and spa bathroom with spectacular views over the firth of clyde. Complement this with the multi room video system, Aquavsion TV, 4k screens and a Truly stunning Surround sound system using MK Audio Dolby Atmos audio. All controlled by RTI’s Automation.


The bride awakes, nervous, its the day of reconing, A plethora of entertainment options available, she brings up the ceremony room camera she can see the room already packed with her friends, family and husband to be…..


We wanted to push the boundaries, make use of the technology in unusual and spectacular ways. Beginning with simple alternative uses, putting a bit of spice into the proceedings, the Pavilion now has the infrastructure and system that will allow any number of ‘crazy and innovative ideas’ to be put to use at a moments notice! This wedding venue is the first venue where loved ones who unfortunately cant make it, will be able to attend using the cutting edge technology ‘virtually’! Keep your eye out for more info!

The hydro project has been published in a nmber of respected establishments and we hope many more.


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