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Is your Smart TV listening to your conversations or your fridge reporting your absence from home?  Most of us would think that this would be highly unlikely however in the age of the digital world more and more devices are finding their way into our homes and the more connected they become the more vulnerable Back Camerayour home is to intruders.  Having being involved with smart technology for a number of years Lairds of Troon have become increasingly aware of the security implications when designing and incorporating Smart Technology into homes putting safety first at all times.  You might have security gates, CCTV cameras, early warning security systems and remote access when you are away from home.  But what if the intruder is accessing vital information and viewing your property from  a distance? would you know? and how can you prevent this from happening.

Each device that has the ability to be connected to the internet can transmit information to and from the device meaning that information can be intercepted and used to infiltrate the property. So what can you do? follow these simple steps and take action today:-

  • Making yourself aware of the capability of these devices and installing a robust firewall can prevent unauthorized access and safeguard yourself and family.
  • Choose a router that has a VLAN built in, routers provided by companies such as SKY, BT and other network provides free of charge may not have these additional security features enabled so it is worth while investing in an alternative router REMEMBER the router is the gateway to your home network!!!!
  • Intrusion detection software can provide additional security features and prevent attacks and network intrusion by an unauthorized source, this software analysis real-time traffic and intercepts unauthorised access.

Your home should be your safe haven, a place to relax, unwind and spend quality time in without the fear of any intrusion. We cant avoid new advances in technology and the age of the Smart Home is upon us, so stay safe, get informed and remember your local security professional is only a phone call away.