Living Room TV

To deliver a fantastic experience and still maintain that comfortable family room we can create the change at the press of a button. Introducing the 3D home cinema projector installation packages with motorized projection screen which retracts to reveal a wall mounted TV. Includes 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, Multi-room music, intuitive control of everything, even your room lighting. Equipment installed neatly in an equipment cabinet to match your desired style and finish. Systems customized for your room and your requirements.
We program and test the system at our Lab and its then professionally install into your home. With competitive price structure and short installation times you can be assured that your disruption is minimized.
For daytime use the TV for casual viewing, but the motorized projection screen, for the full movie night experience, 3D gaming, or for the life changing huge sporting event.
The exact screen size for your lounge home cinema installation, as well as the style and finish of the equipment cabinet and many other features are tailored to suit your room.
Every aspect of the viewing and listening experience in living room home cinema installations, is considered in the design process, such as brightness, ambient light, 2D and 3D requirement, speaker placement, acoustic properties of the space.
We recommend Epson 3LCD home cinema projectors which deliver outstanding color brightness. All the connected cinema equipment including lighting can be seamlessly controlled from intuitive hand held color touch panels and you won’t need any other remote controls.
5.1 or 7.1 surround sound for the main living space , high quality stereo music to other areas in your home, you select and control the music from a hand held touch screen device.
These installation packages make the maximum use of wireless technology in order to minimize the number of cables. All technical equipment can be installed in its own dedicated cabinet. We operate throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow and beyond. Why not give us a call so that we can discuss your unique requirements. Or for more detail on each of the packages please select one of the links below.

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