Marine Security

Marine Security

Surveillance is becoming a major issue on all boats. We aim to make you feel at ease knowing that you have the ability to view any camera around the yacht from any touch panel, complete with full control.
At your fingertips you possess the ability to control all your security cameras including thermal imaging.
We have a wide range of cameras to choose from with a variety of features.
Gyro Stabilized Cameras
Great for having a stable platform to view from the top of the mast. We have a wide range of stabilized cameras with different zoom ranges and thermal options.

Thermal Imaging
These cameras possess incredible features to enhance your safety and enjoyment of your time at sea:
Allows you to view a person 1.5 km away in a man overboard situation.
Night navigation in confined spaces, for example, returning to the harbour after dark.
Enhanced security with a wide field of view for situational awareness, with the ability to detect unfriendly vessels and other hazards at long distances.

Radar Integration
A radar target can be followed automatically by the camera on its track so you can retain full visual recognition as well as distance information on the radar.

Target Tracking
These cameras can lock onto moving targets so you no longer have to manually drive the camera to follow an object of interest.

Video Recording
Automatic recording and replay of every event that has happened on every camera throughout the last month.

Web Streaming And Remote Control Of Cameras
Log onto a password protected website and take control of any camera onboard from anywhere in the world. Fantastic for previews of where the yacht is before flying out.

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