Televisions and control systems to compliment the home

When a client is looking to purchase a second home in Ayrshire and was offered a home with smart home features, he was more than happy. Today, a year and a half later he is more than happy with the decision. It allows him to keep track of his house from anywhere.

He says “I was looking to buy a second home, I wanted it to be easily accessible from London. I was looking for a good project with proper layout and good quality of construction. I was not aware of the smart features but when the developer offered I said, why not? The best feature is that even if I am in the city, I can still control the house in Ayrshire remotely. We have surveillance cameras in the common areas of the building, touch panels in every room to control the lights and fans. There are gas leak, fire and intrusion alarms and also an alert if the door is left open unnoticed. There is also a panic button to summon help in case of an emergency. We can monitor and control the access of visitors right from the main gate. We need such things, especially in today’s world and since this is my holiday home, the smart technology enables me to monitor and control the home remotely”

In the age of Internet and technology, smart homes have become more than relevant, especially for the well-travelled younger generation, which is always on the move. Smart homes integrate all electronic devices, allowing centralised control which improves convenience, energy efficiency and security of the home. Nowadays, one important factor that customers look out for while buying homes is convenience coupled with luxury. Smart homes allow centrally managed control and access to the home from any location. Taking advantage of age of automation technology and modern techniques to give home owners a new level of control, Modern Builders, world wide have smart homes as a standard specification in all their ongoing projects. The advantages of a smart home, enable you to make the most of the home by utilising technology to create an ideal living environment. They have the ability to make life easier and more convenient. Smart homes offer several advantages over conventional homes like – safety, security, communication, automation, information, entertainment and a secured society. Moreover when it comes to reselling a smart home, sellers will have an abundance of effective selling points. Homes with automated systems have the potential to sell for much more than comparable conventional homes. Automating a home can be a worthwhile investment in increasing its market value and attracting possible buyers. Smart homes have a definite status value attached to them. They tend to have a higher resale to people who know how to exploit these features.

The buyers in this segment tend to fall in the age group of 29-40 and are either established in senior roles or upwardly mobile. They tend to be IT-savvy and often quite stressed-out by their professions . They seek the comforts, enablement and security that smart homes offer as a means to relax and generate more time to spend with their families.

Although a ‘niche’ market there is definitely growing demand for them. With the massive growth of IT culture country wide. People who work with technology have their own idea of what constitutes the ideal home. With the exposure to technology driven concepts and comparative wage structures.

For the gadget-conscious Technology pro, automated homes are definitely something to aspire for. Currently, less than 10% of Scotlands core of aspiring property buyers are considering smart homes as an option, but the developers active in this segment have so far been more or less successful in rightsizing their project launches accordingly.

From the private small home builder offering basic internet services coupled with multi room services. To the big house projects where the standard requires full home control of services and entertainment there is Automation systems that can fill the slots.

But what really are the benefits? If your visiting friends, you can still put off the lights and the heating through a tablet in case of a smart home. If you are coming home from the airport, you can put the boiler to heat and set the room to cool through the smart phone. Or one may just set a 7-9 pm mode, where, as soon as it gets dark, the lights of the common areas are lit up to give a feeling that someone is at home. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
The technology does come with an element of cost however the advantages and benefits in a smart home outweigh the cost burden. Occupants today can not only send a command to the home via Internet or SMS, but also ‘tweet’ a command through their phone using Twitter. Smart homes provide value, convenience, part of the luxury experience, energy saving – lower power bills, water bills, safety and security for one’s family.

The acceptance is huge because the next generation is a highly influenced by technology . They have been exposed to technology at younger age. Today even a fiveyear-old can handle a tablet or a laptop. Also, with time, luxuries become necessities. It is convenient and also helps to save energy. And as technology will become smarter, and as it finds more demand, it will also become cheaper. In future, there will be a time when people will not prefer a home without technology.