The new Power Ethernet Socket known as the PE Socket, is a major advance for quality AV media and data networking. It uses the existing mains electricity wiring to send and receive data, which means there is no need for unsightly and expensive network wiring.

In short, a wired network without the additional wiring.

The sockets are cost-effective and easy to install, with each socket featuring four network ports and a managed Ethernet switch. By installing just two or more sockets you create a high speed network in every room of the house.

The installation is tamper and theft proof, the network is robust, secure and runs faster than WiFi and provides the backbone for home automation and entertainment systems.

Multiple applications, one socket

What reviewers have said:

  • The Power Ethernet Socket named as “Product of the Month” in March 2012.
  • Rated Power Ethernet Sockets as 9 out of 10: “Great for retrofitting a wired network into older houses or extending one to top floors and through lead-lined walls, this filtered power socket with four Ethernet network ports is easy to install and brings simple whole-house stability to network-connected gadgetry.”
  • called the Power Ethernet Sockets “…as a neat networking solution…” and “…a must-have home cinema extra.”
  •  declared the “Power Ethernet’s PE Socket every smart home installers’new best friend”
  •  the “PE Sockets moves data around a home in a reliable, predictable and totally professional manner”


What makes the Power Ethernet Sockets unique?

  • A network first: first product to integrate Powerline networking technology directly into an electrical socket – a unique form factor.
  • All-in-one socket: combines four Ethernet network ports, a fully-managed network switch and a filtered power socket to provide the best Powerline performance.
  • Advanced network functionality: A Power Ethernet network provides enterprise-grade business functionality including advanced QoS, multicast and tagged VLAN functionality.
  • Advanced design: incorporates over 100 additional electronic components than a typical Powerline adaptor in order to improve both the network quality and also the durability of the unit.
  • Robust networking: the network is robust, secure and available throughout the building.
  • Optimised network: unlike Powerline adapters, the PE Sockets automatically regularly retrain to provide the maximum Powerline bandwidth.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Professionally engineered, reliable Powerline solution which has been aesthetically designed to ensure that the sockets can be installed in the most prominent of positions.
  • Tailored look: Includes a snap on front fascia which can be easily branded or available in other colours and finishes (or even blended into the décor).
  • Embedded into the wall: PE Sockets can be installed in locations where adapters cannot be used including hotels, schools, ships, oil rigs and general businesses or used in dedicated networking applications such as CCTV and building management systems.
  • Reduced downtime: by being built-in in the wall, the PE Socket installation is tamper and theft proof and complies with Health & Safety regulations.
  • Reduce costs: Simple and cost-effective solution to create a secure network without the need for installing disruptive and expensive cabling.