Do’s and Dont’s

Do’s and Dont’s


Plan you project 

  • What rooms do you want wired?
  • What services are currently utilized eg phone/broadband/Tv Services/Audio?
  • Will you be investing in any new technology for the home?
  • How many points would you like in each room?
  • Do you require HDMI points?

Consider the main distribution point 

  • Do you have an unused space e.g. under staircase
  • Do you have an empty cupboard or laundry room that could be utilized?
  • Where do the services currently get distributed from e.g. phone/broadband/TV
  • Do you require an AV CAB or do you have purpose built shelving already in place?

Forward planning 

Although you may only need a minimum amount of points at present will you be expanding or developing your home in the future? If so it is best to allow for additional cabling and points to be added to your current project this will save you both time and cost and minimize any disruption to your home when you embark on your next project.



Take you time, plan your project and speak to an installation professional, Lairds of Troon offer free consultation to ensure you get the most out of your home without blowing the budget. 

Don’t underestimate the amount of cabling or points required 

Allowing for the current cabling requirements for your home does not allow for any future expansion, even if your not looking to expand or add to additional points now cable itself is reasonable cost effective to purchase and install and well worth the investment to future proof your home. 

Don’t DIY 

Unless you really know what you are doing its always recommended to enlist the support of a professional, Lairds of Troon work alongside many trade professionals to allow for the best solution for you.

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