How does it work?

How does it work?

Cat 6 cable allows for services such as SKY, broadband, phone, media systems such as Blu-Ray players and gaming systems to be distributed around your home from a central point.

Residential cabling enables a combination of many different types of wires used around the home into a single platform, which allows for the integration of many different home systems and services throughout your home, and the capacity to add more at a later date if you want to do so.

The cable is installed by a qualified tradesman allowing for services to be centralized and the cables to be tested and commissioned, this provides a neat, logical and standardised system, a smart wiring installation allows easy accessibility to your wiring, and easy expansion as and when it’s needed.

Residential cabling allows you to expand in the future by providing additional cabling to allow for additional services and sources for your home, this is particularly helpful as you will save on cost in the longer term without having to redecorate your home.

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