With the fantastic new Technology thats come on to the market in the past few months there is an emerging battle for the security and safety of you the people out there.

This hopefully will get better with time. Here is a comparison and some of our favourites that could save your life!

Firstly the Nest Protect.

Reinventing the Smoke alarm and the Carbon Monoxide alarm the Nest protect even knows when your cooking… or does it?

Info at www.Nest.com


Here is a close competitor made by Fibaro. This device will merge with the home control system essentially giving you a full home safety system.

Wheres the fire? How do I get out of here! Have a look, we think this is the way of the future.


You can find out more at www.fibaro.com

Not only do these systems detect and alert, they will enhance your peace of mind and become that essential part of your full home

Integrated, system. So not only can you enjoy the entertainment in your home, you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe.