System intelligence is the difference between a normal Security system and a Laird’s  Digital Home Security Installation. Protect your most valuable assets through ‘Smart’ deterrence and detection systems that counteract and respond intuitively. Any series of lights can come on when someone passes through any entrance, blinds can automatically lower at dusk, biometrics can guard access to your home, and TVs can automatically switch to the CCTV feed when a car approaches the driveway.

Even when you’re away, your home can protect itself by remembering your lighting routines and reproduce them for simulated occupancy. If  a breach does occur do not simply rely on your burglar alarm, drive the intruder away with all blinds opening, lights switching on to 100% intensity and your whole home sound system turning on and automatically playing at maximum volume.

For complete ease of mind, you could monitor and control your home over the internet. Or, if you’ve promised yourself some serious R&R, automate your systems and request for the status reports to be sent via SMS text message.

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