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Laird’s Smarthomes brings you the next breakthrough in home technology With advances in the field of digital home healthcare the benefits of 24/7 remote monitoring of loved ones and instant communications with careworkers is now available in the comforts of home. Lairds smarthomes offers an assistance system for independent seniors, their families and care partners. It combines aspects of home automation, online communications and healthcare in one flexible, user-friendly and affordable package. Its wireless technology requires little or no new wires, and seniors need no technical expertise.

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Our specially designed system connects to any fulltime internet connection. The sensors are discreetly placed around the residence and report sensor activity to the system. Careworkers can view the data on-line and setup conditions to recieve automated alerts via email, text messages or phone calls. Family can send communications and cognitive assists right to a dedicated video interface.


Aging in place

What a concept… and thanks to the latest technology, its now possible. Our systems provide freedom and peace of mind for active, independent seniors and thost who care for them. Our systems also ‘improve in place’ you may not need to track glucose levels now, but its nice to know that you can add that feature when needed, and without having to change out any equipment.

Why everyone should consider digital home healthcare

For the senior –

Give your children the gift of peace of mind knowing you are ok. Stay longer in your own home with improved safety and security. Save money by delaying or avoiding the need for more supervised care. Allow your children and grandchildren to easily communicate with you. Enjoy all the denefits of the internet (pictures, email, weather, news, websites) without any technical skills. Have the system remind you of birthdays and aniversaries, or mabybe just to take your medication on time. Improve your health by better management of chronic conditions.

For the family –

Reduce careworker stress by knowing your loved on is safe and secure. Save money by delaying or avoiding the need for more supervised care. Keep your loved one connected by sending picures, messaged, and email. save money by using services only when you really need them. Improve your loved ones memory and cognition by displaying current and hisorical events on the TV. Discreetly monitor household activity through wirless sensors. Protect your loved one from telephone scams targeting seniors. Enjoy providing endless entertainment for your loved one.

For the boomer –

Allow your current home to monitor and record your wellness. Use your television to view thousands of pictures. Save money by reducing energy costs with the green features of digital home healthcare. Keep track of your weight, blood sugar, or blood pressure to help your doctor provide better care. Enjoy the trivia, nostalgia, and other entertainment. Use to remotely monitor your residence while on vacation.

For the professional –

Create a care triangle among independent seniors, their families, and your staff. Provide improved safety and security for your residents. Get more information for better assessment that can help in care decisions with the family. Earn the respect of your community by reaching out to independent seniors. Provide a smoother continuum of care from private homes to independent living to assisted living. Provide a new source of revenue for your organization.

Testimonial –

“Everything lairds smarthomes has done for us as a family has been spot on. Mark was particularly good about checking out the size of the space and asking questions, what we wanted as individuals and what we did as a family, before making a recommendation. Then his crew did a great job of installing a full home audio-visual theater system. Their service is impeccable!”

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