Structured Wiring

Smart homes start with structured wiring

Think of structured wiring as the nervous system of the modern house. Each room is prewired with a cable harness that runs into centrally-located smart panels. These panels are the system’s brains. Into them you can plug just about anything, including telephone, Internet, sound, video, computer networking, intercom and security.

Prewiring for a home theatre and multi-room audio – even if you don’t install those systems right away – will save money, time and effort when you finally decide on your dream system. Call us for an free estimate and more details on the benefits of smart home technology, structured wiring and prewiring.

officenetworkBe part of the smart home revolution

According to a 2009 study in the by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, more builders than ever are offering home technology, in the USA an amazing 87 percent offering structured wiring . Structured wiring adds value to the home and adds convenience and functionality for the homeowner – now every room in the house can have access to the full range of video, sound, data and security. If you’re building new or renovating, perhaps for a home theater, multi-room sound or a home office, insist on structured wiring. It provides ease of connectivity now and for the future.

Typically more and more of the services we have in the home have muliple users – TV’s in various locations, children requiring internet access for fun or for homework, covenience of telephones in multiple locations, working from home or shopping on the internet. Sharing the resources through a home network is easy and convenient.Our Home designed networks offer a practical cost effective and discrete network solution to all your terrestial digital or cable TV, telephony and computer/internet needs. Receive the benefits of television, telephones, internet and computers anywhere in the home. If your needs change then any of the outlets can accomodate different uses by a simple change to the main control unit.
A structured wiring system will enable your home to take full advantage of today’s technology, while preparing it for tomorrow’s innovations. We’ll get you wired! Most current in-home wiring is obsolete and inadequate to accept high speed digital data, which is an important element of the emerging home automation and Internet technologies. Computers, microprocessors and “chips” will continue to be integrated into our lives through our appliances and systems; in turn, our lives will change significantly in the next few decades. Bandwidth distribution in our homes is convenience for the future as your electronic systems integration specialist, we will design and install a structured cabling system that guarantees flexibility for changes, additions, moves, or redistribution, as well as the capacity to accommodate system updates, upgrades, and new technologies. As your phone, video, computer network needs change; it can easily be done at the panel without requiring any additional wiring. Avoid unsightly wires in your home.

The Heart of the Network



Draytek routers are by far the best home and Small office routers on the network today. As a minimum standard we recommend the replacement of the so called ‘free’ routers provided by ISP’s with these superb routers. Draytek routers are also IP V6 capable, giving you the piece of mind that your network will be able to move with technology into the future.


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