Whole Home Video

Whole House Video

Enjoy your favourite TV shows, videos, and movies in any room without the clutter and distraction of cable boxes, DVD players, wires, etc.. The benefits of a well designed video distribution system throughout the home include: 1. It is easy to use. One remote to control everything; 2. It saves space and clutter as electronics and wires are located elsewhere such as in the mechanical room. All you will have in any given room is the HDTV display and speakers. 3. There is less equipment to purchase. (ie: do not need a cable box or DVD for every single TV); 4. There may be a significant cost savings on cabinetry/millwork; 5. It allows access to your entire movie and video collection from a media server. All titles will be available through an easy to navigate on-screen menu; 6. Access of your stored DVR recording in whichever room you happen to be in. Each DVR will have a name such as “His”, “Hers” and “Kids”. You would select “Your” personal DVR for whichever room you happen to be in; and 7. You can entertain family and friends by presenting a holiday photo slide show in the living room from your office PC. Typical video sources one can include in a distributed video system are: 1. DVD/Blu Ray disc changers and media servers such as popcorn hour; 2. Cable or satellite digital video recorders (DVRs); 3. Personal computers; 4. Streaming video services from the Interent; and 5. Console gaming systems (eg PS3, Wii, Xbox360). Your Distributed video system can be controlled from anyroom in your home with an intuitive interface allowing you to choose any of your video collection classics and also gives you information on the movie, screen shots, actors biographies and more!

At Laird’s Smarthomes we believe in future proofing your home as far as possible. Though there are a number of different solutions available, making the initial investment at the beginning will prove worthwhile in the short and long term. As a registered and Qualified installer of Abitana technologies in scotland and we believe that the Top quality category 7 cable is the perfect solution. So what is ‘category 7’? The days of the office network have been with us for the past 20 years, the cable they use primarily is category 5 cable, this cable has a limit as to the amount of data that can be transmitted through it at any one time over short distances. Category 7 cable is designed for this day and age of Hi definition and 3d video transmission and will be able to handle the massive volumes of data for years to come. Its just not a viable option to install category 5 in homes if you want to be all set for the future. Our Cabling can be installed to every corner of every room, and are not only video capable! We can however provide Cat 5 and 6 cabling depending on your budget.

In each room universal communication sockets are planned. After electricity from the socket, water from the tap and central heating, Home Network is the last missing link in comfort.

Each wall socket has a companion connector in the central communications cabinet. Services like terrestri

al TV, phone and Internet/PC network are grouped on central service modules. You will make a connection to bring the service to the right socket in a room by means of a patch cable that goes between the specific connector and the central service module that is providing the required serv

ice: TV, phone or PC. Modifying the function of a wall socket is simply done by reconnecting the corresp

onding connector in the communication center to a different service module.

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