Imagine having the ability to out fit any room or space with sound without creating clutter, distractions or disruptions to the interior design. Sonance Invisible Series speakers vanish into your room design, delivering ambient music that emanates directly from the walls and ceilings. Invisible Speaker Technology for the Home, Business, Hotels, Bars, Clubs and Resturants. Traditional box speakers, horn speakers and speaker grilles can harbour dirt and germs. And are always difficult to clean. With a Sonance Invisible Speaker there are no boxes, horns or grilles. Just an original smooth, easy to clean surface.

* Home Cinema and Sonance Invisible Speakers benefit from having no visible speakers or grilles. * Invisible Audio in every room of the house. No bulky boxes or wires in the walls or ceilings. * An immersive ambient surround sound quality unlike anything that traditional point source speakers can create. Many interior designers and architects love them, we have installed our fair share over the years. Most previous invisible speaker suffer from somewhat veiled sound that didn’t have extended high or low frequency response. Manufacturers would try to compensate for this by using special equalizers that added to the cost and complexity, and only partially solved the problem. Sonance tackled this by rethinking how this category of speakers is designed, and the result is a substantial increase in sound quality that most people would be perfectly happy with. Features: To become truly invisible, the speakers fit flush to the wall surface and are either painted, covered with wall paper or plastered over with a finish thickness of up to 3mm of flexible material. You can even use them with venetian plaster. Installations have been tested with both acrylic and lime based plaster and both work great.