Custom, Electronics, Design, Installation, Association is what CEDIA stands for.

CEDIA is built upon industry-leading education and is a globally-known entity for home technology training. CEDIA not only offers home technology education for the electronic systems industry – they also offer continuing education approved courses designed to help design and build professionals including architects, builders, interior designers, building designer, and remodelers, increase their comfort level with residential electronic systems.

This is where we come in as our guys have been trained by CEDIA and control4 to give you the best for your money.

Design and build professionals have multiple options to take advantage of home technology education.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, updating your electronics or just need some help from a specialist, CEDIA members are your trusted home technology partners.

If you’re like most these days, technology in the home is a significant investment. By hiring a qualified electronic systems integrator to properly design, install and maintain your home electronic system, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be in good hands now and in the future. We basically help make your dream rooms a reality and kit them out with amazing fast growing technology such as 3D cinema systems and all the latest surround sound speakers and gadgets.


To learn more about what we do please check out the website for CEDIA or contact us for more details about how we can help you today!