Had enough of have disconnecting devices and reconnecting them in another room in your house? Do you have televisions in your house that are connected to games consoles, DVD players and blu-ray players that appear unsightly and cluttered. Would you like to have one place to store all your media devices out of sight and be able to still access them on ‘every’ television in your house. HD Distribution may be the answer to your problems.

An HD Distribution system allows you to access your media devices from any HDTV (not just from the main set) in your home. Everyone can enjoy their choice of entertainment in different rooms at the same time, whilst taking advantage of faster-than-WIFI internet, perfect for smart TV’s and other streaming devices.

It comprises a central hub unit and four local connection/control modules, and can be used to distribute an Internet connection around the house, freeing up Wi-Fi for use with hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of HD Distribution:

Hide away those unsightly cluttered top-boxes and tangled wires from your viewing areas to create tidier, larger living areas.

Fed up with trying to figure out which remote controls what, confusing isn’t it? Get rid of all your various remote controls and replace with a single universal control solution. This can be a nifty remote or even your tablet or phone.

HD distribution delivers pixel-perfect uncompressed HDMI and can even accommodate 4K resolutions.